Nylon Singapore Super Cool Gifts to celebrate the woman in your life

This International Women's Day, Nylon Singapore list out the top 5 super cool gifts to celebrate the woman in your life. One of the lists is Planet Beyond EVR Wireless Earphones in Blush Pink, available at OSTSOME.


According to Nylon:

Planet Beyond EVR Wireless Earphones in Blush Pink

Planet Beyond is a visionary earphones brand that has taken a very functional, everyday gadget, and turned it into a fashion accessory. The earphones are beautiful products on their own, but are elevated with different charm attachments that are added on like a piece of jewellery. As a gadget, it actually offers surprisingly good audio quality; the bass is full and warm, the mids are clear and balanced, while the treble isn’t sharp but pleasing to the ear. Music sounds really good with these earphones, and they sit in the ear securely and are comfortable.

Why buy? Good sound and its “jewellery” design will resonate with women who love their gadgets a little more feminine and fashionable. There are Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold versions, but we’re really loving the new Blush Pink and Lilac Purple editions that make perfect gifts.




Full content at Nylon Singapore.

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