LARQ is a Self-Cleaning Bottle that Eliminates Bacteria

Disclaimer: All contents are from NXT Singapore with NXT angel Avvrey.

Hello guys! I have an interesting product to share with you guys! So I’ve been waiting for Uni to start and I can’t wait to bring my LARQ self-cleaning bottle to school! During this pandemic, I love anything that has the label “Kills bacteria, eliminate 99% of bacteria” I would use it diligently and bring it wherever I go!

Let’s watch an unboxing video of this LARQ bottle before we continue with my experience with it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the video! Now let’s carry on with the article! 😊

The bottle that I got is the 710ml one — it is quite compact and can be stored in any tote bag or backpack! The self-cleaning activates every 2 hours, basking the water and inner surface of the bottle in purifying UV-C light. So you never worry about your bottle being stinky! Best part? It doesn’t need any replacement for filters! Since the technology behind the bottle is through the UV-C LED technology, there is no need for you to replace any filters since there isn’t any, to begin with!

Due to all the Covid-19 restrictions, I have yet to return to campus, but I try my best to go for a jog at least once a week — I bring the LARQ bottle out whenever I’m exercising! It is very slim and compact hence it is not uncomfortable to hold when you’re jogging! But if you’re the type that hates holding things when you’re on a jog, then perhaps you could get a mini strap on the pouch to store it! 

If you’re all about eliminating bacteria but hate the old-fashion bottle where you have to clean it yourself, then you should really consider getting the LARQ bottle since it helps to eliminate bacteria and purify your water. Since it is battery-powered, you can replace the battery if you need to. 

The price of the bottle varies as it depends on the size that you get! The one that I reviewed is the 710ml 24 oz version and it is retailing at S$139 online. You can also get it on Shopee, Lazada, Takashimaya, Isetan and Metro.


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